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Hollyoaks return for Warren Fox? Anna Passey on Sienna's surprise reunion

A life-changing discovery is ahead…

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Published: Monday, 15th July 2019 at 9:57 am

Hollyoaks' Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) is convinced she's found her missing twins, Sophie and Sebastian, when she meets an au pair on Monday 15th July (E4 showing) who is taking care of a little boy and girl who look suspiciously like the children abducted by their father, Warren Fox. Vowing to get them back Sienna plots to snatch them, but are they really her kids or is she about to kidnap the wrong children?


"Sienna is dragged along to visit Maxine and Damon's wedding venue when, completely out of nowhere, Sienna sees what she thinks are her twins," reveals Passey. "They are with their au pair on holiday from Spain, visiting her family. Sienna just knows immediately they are hers, she is their mother and had them for a little while – Sebastian longer than Sophie. She 100% believes that's who they are."

The Fox-Blake twins were born in November 2017, conceived within the toxic relationship between Sienna and gangster Warren who held his fiancee hostage while she was pregnant to stop her leaving him.

Warren fled with Sophie when she was just hours old, and briefly returned in May 2018 to swipe Sebastian – leaving their mother devastated and fearing she would never see the pair again.

"She's been obsessed about getting the twins back since they were taken," continues Passey. "She'd got to a point where she'd managed to try and move on, so seeing them floors her. She is shocked and happy, and just really stunned."


Sienna immediately tells sceptical boyfriend Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) and sister Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) and they alert the police, who dismiss the claims after investigation reveals it's a case of mistaken identity.

"Brody and Liberty don't believe Sienna," sighs Passey. "They just think it's grief at losing them manifesting but it brings up all these old feelings, they try to get Sienna to accept what the police are telling her."


Despite her reinvention as a law-abiding, respectable school teacher, the sneaky, calculating Sienna of old is still in there and bursts out as Miss Blake refuses to believe she's got it wrong and plans to take the little ones and flee the country!

"Her mothering instinct kicks in and she doesn't care about anything else. We know with Sienna there's no limits and nothing she wouldn't do to be back with her kids. She has to be clever and knows she can't just snatch and run, so she befriends the au pair, observes her routine and works out a more sensible kidnap plan this time!


"She steals the nanny's phone as a way of engineering a way to meet up with her to return it. Then she manages to steal all of their passports…"

Brody is oblivious to his girlfriend's agenda, and on Tuesday 16th July and Wednesday 17th July the plot thickens as Sienna is forced to lie to her man in order to protect her plan – but it won't end well…

She's the queen of crying wolf, but what if Sienna is right and these are the twins Warren took? And does this mean Foxy himself is poised for Jamie Lomas's annual brief cameo where he causes a quick spot of chaos before retreating back into the shadows?

Please make this happen…


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