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Hollyoaks New Year trailer reveals a stabbing, a wedding and Breda's exit

2020 kicks off in sensational style

hollyoaks new year trailer 2020
Published: Thursday, 2nd January 2020 at 5:17 pm

Hollyoaks has given fans a tantalising glimpse of January's biggest storylines in a brand new trailer released on Thursday 2nd January, and 2020 is off to a flying start.


We've got a shock stabbing at the school, an overheard confession, an emotional coming out and the return of some fan favourites - and that's just the tip of the iceberg…

Playground stabbing

hollyoaks trailer

The much-talked about county lines drug dealing storyline will dominate 2020, as vulnerable village teens are drawn into a trafficking ring after being groomed by a dodgy gang infiltrating the community, led by Sid Sumner's sinister cousin Jordan Price. Hollyoaks High will be at the centre of the topical plot as the school becomes the focus of criminal activity, an early casualty of which is pregnant teacher Nancy Osborne being stabbed after being caught in the middle of a playground fight that takes a devastating turn.

Later hots up

hollyoaks trailer

Serial killer Breda McQueen is the focus of the first late-night special in seven years as her campaign of terror comes to an explosive end - literally, as she traps kids Sylver McQueen, Goldie McQueen and captives Tony Hutchinson and Mercedes McQueen in a burning pig farm. Who will get out alive? And will there be justice for Breda's victims?

Sami's new love

hollyoaks sami maalik verity hutchinson

Jilted by fiancee Sinead Shelby, Sami Maalik mends his broken heart by getting it on with newcomer Verity Hutchinson - daughter of Edward and sister of Tony. Can Sami find love so soon after being dumped? And can daddy's girl Verity be trusted?

Diane and Edward are on

hollyoaks trailer

Flustered at being caught kissing her father-in-law, Diane Hutchinson rejects the idea of romance with Tony's father - but clearly has a change of heart as she seduces him wearing nothing but a fur coat and a pair of high heels… If Tony survives the pig farm fire, what will he have to say about this saucy development?

Foxy V Sienna

hollyoaks Sienna Warren

Jamie Lomas rejoins the regular cast as bad boy Warren Fox, but why is he back? Kidnapping Sienna Blake's boyfriend Brody Hudson fans the flames of revenge for his ex, who vows to fight her former fiancee to get him - and her kids - back, whatever it takes.

Jesse's wedding horror

hollyoaks Jesse donovan

Courtney Campbell prepares to tie the knot with true love Jesse Donovan, but when the groom overhears his sister Grace Black and James Nightingale admit to shooting Mercedes McQueen the big day is thrown into chaos.

Old flames reunite

hollyoaks James nightingale John Paul mcqueen

Talking of James, he's back in the arms of returning ex-lover John Paul McQueen who also makes a permanent return this month. What does this mean for Liam Donovan's wild fling with the lusty lawyer?

Mitchell comes out

hollyoaks Martine and mitchell

After months of soul searching, Mitchell Devereux comes out of the closet to mum Martine in an emotional scene. How will his religious family react, and can he win true love Scott Drinkwell back from new love Azim Desai?

Toby's revenge

hollyoaks toby faroe

Alongside Mitchell's bombshell, the Deverauxs are the oblivious target of revenge from Toby Faroe, the secret son Martine gave away at birth. Him and ice-cool wife Celeste plot to bring down the family and it seems Toby's twin brother is their first target…

Donna-Marie is back

hollyoaks donna-marie quinn

Another reappearance is that of Donna-Marie Quinn, errant mum of Romeo and Juliet who is out of prison. How has she won her freedom after being framed for Mac's murder?

Darren's depression takes hold

hollyoaks darren osborne

Another major storyline for 2020 is Darren Osborne's descent into depression as he battles with his mental health. Confessing his unhappiness to girlfriend Mandy Morgan after failing to convince Nancy to give their marriage another go, Darren's dissatisfaction with his life takes its toll as the trailer shows him breaking down…


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