Hollyoaks cast tease Mitchell and Scott’s wedding

Will they get a happy ever after?

hollyoaks Scott and mitchell

The dysfunctional Deveraux family finally have something to celebrate in Hollyoaks now Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) and boyfriend Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) are engaged.


‘Stitchell’ fans feared their favourite couple had reached the end of the road after Scott all but accused his fella of attacking dad Felix Westwood and leaving him for dead, but thankfully Dr Deveraux convinced his other half of his innocence and as a grand gesture of securing their future he popped the question. Will the boys get their happy ending?

“They deserve it, don’t they?” considers Imran Adams, speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com. “In life, and in Hollyoaks, you don’t always get what you deserve, but they really do deserve it. If you survive so many trials and tribulations you are entitled to some kind of reward!”

Of course there are still obstacles to overcome, namely how to break the news to Mitchell’s grandfather Walter, who’s homophobic views, strict religious beliefs and struggle to accept his grandson’s sexuality has torn the clan apart.

“It’s the final test for Walter,” continues Adams. “He needs to choose his grandson or his beliefs, we’ll have to wait to find out what he does but it will be quite emotional and the audience will be very shocked. There is going to be a whole lot of drama around this.”

Considering the couple were on the verge of splitting, and their journey to be together has been full of torment before Mitchell came out of the closet, does Adams think they might be rushing into this? Marry in haste, repent in leisure…

hollyoaks walter deveraux mitchell deveraux

“In the real world it is pretty soon, let’s be honest! They have been through so much, however, and have seen the worst of each other and are still in love, for better or for worse – there’s no other road to go down but marriage at that point. When you know you know – love shouldn’t have a time limit!”

Walter may be in the dark about the nuptials, but Mitchell’s mum Martine is in the know and she, along with Kelle Bryan who plays her, couldn’t be more thrilled.

“It’s lovely for Scott and Mitchell to be together and I think that is cause for celebration,” she told us. “But I agree the interesting part of the narrative to be played is how does Walter feel. Would he could come to the wedding? Does he condone gay marriage? How will he handle it and where does his faith sit among this?”

Assuming the boys make it up the aisle, what kind of ceremony might Stitchell have? Adams leaves us with a little tease…

“I’d say it would be a wedding to remember. It would be big, pretty unique and I’d definitely expect the unexpected!”


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