Hollyoaks teases “violent revenge” with Liam Donovan kidnap drama

"He's whipped up into a frenzied maniac," warns Jude Monk McGowan

Hollyoaks Liam Donovan

He’s not the most stable of individuals at the best of times, but Hollyoaks‘ Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) is about to seriously lose the plot as he takes his enemies hostage to get revenge on those who’ve crossed him – and finding out who is really responsible for little brother Jesse Donovan’s tragic death adds fuel to the fire.


Ahead of the soap releasing a special ‘leap year’ trailer on Friday 28th February, it’s been confirmed in the coming weeks that gangster Liam will host a terrifying ‘devil’s dinner party’ in which he gathers his opponents at the Dog.

Viewers have seen loopy Liam become fixated with his ‘dartboard of doom’ since Jesse died from alcohol poisoning on his wedding night, and now the characters who’s pictures he’s been aiming darts at for weeks are set to be abducted and held hostage by the Loft owner.

“Everyone who has wronged him will be his guests,” teases McGowan. “That would be James Nightingale (his ex), Mercedes McQueen (who aborted his baby), Maxine Kinsella (the last person to see Jesse alive), and his sister, Grace Black. Everyone else is residual collateral damage from the main offenders.”

In the run-up to the explosive event Liam will also face off against Warren Fox, who targets the Donovans when he believes he’s got proof that Grace shot Mercedes, who Foxy is currently romantically entangled with.

hollyoaks warren fox liam Donovan

This puts Warren on Liam’s hate list, as well as a few other unsuspecting villagers who are guilty by association: “Liam kidnaps John Paul McQueen and Sylver McQueen so he can lure Grace and James to the Dog, where the showdown is going to happen.

“He decides he’s going to hold them all hostage as collateral for James not doing anything stupid…”

Ms Black and Mr Nightingale have blood on their hands as they pulled the trigger on Mercy, which Liam knows, but it was Jesse finding out about the attempted murder that drove him to drink and a subsequent early grave, which also drives Liam’s vendetta.

hollyoaks liam Donovan john paul mcqueen

“When it becomes clear to him who is solely responsible for Jesse’s death he is whipped up into this frenzied maniac. It’s full-on revenge, this is Liam unleashed and he doesn’t care what the repercussions are.

McGowan tells us his alter ego is “Capable of absolutely anything by this point – of inciting others to murder, or of murder himself. He wants his revenge, come what may!”

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