Poor Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) is keen to impress Sid (Billy Price) and Jordan (Connor Calland) and as we saw this evening (25th February) on Hollyoaks, she will go to any means.

Sid accused Juliet of being boring in their relationship, claiming he needed more excitement as a couple. Naturally, she was devastated to hear such a thing from her love and decided to take action - but it wasn't the right kind.

Dodgy Jordan asked Sid to take care of some drugs at school and of course, he did it. But at the same time, Nancy (Jessica Fox) had already planned for PC George Kiss (Callum Kerr) to come and sweep the school.

Juliet takes action and decides to help Sid with his mission, and flushes the drugs down the toilet, which might have just been the worst thing she could do, considering Jordan wants his money for the £500 worth of goods she just lost.

RadioTimes.com spoke exclusively to Blackshaw about her upcoming role in the drama and it seems things could go from bad to worse as the County Lines story continues.

Speaking about the allure of Jordan and why she tries to impress him, the actress told us: "She's in awe of this cool guy with a lot of money. They've come from a similar background to Juliet, or at least that's what he says, and she feels she can relate to him and he makes her feel like he gets her.

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"She feels a connection with him in that kind of way and they're both outcasts in their upbringing. She knows people from those areas are not to be trusted, but Juliet doesn't really trust anyone so she keeps her distance in some ways."

And what can we expect in the run up to the New Year's Eve disaster that we saw previously?

"Lots of ups and downs, probably more downs!" Blackshaw told us. "A lot of dark things will be happening throughout the year."

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