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Jorgie Porter reveals her Hollyoaks highlights as she returns to host classic episodes

"Fans are going to be so excited!"

hollyoaks jorgie porter
Published: Thursday, 2nd April 2020 at 7:00 am

Like all UK soaps, Hollyoaks has halted filming and reduced the amount of episodes shown each week so they can keep on air for as long as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.


But the C4 soap is ensuring their loyal audience can still enjoy visits to the vibrant village every weeknight by airing classic episodes in the spare slots, starting on Thursday 2nd April at 7pm on E4 with Mercedes and Dr Browning's 2013 wedding, then every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7pm on E4 from next week.

'Hollyoaks Favourites' has been carefully curated by the show and each edition will have a new, specially-filmed introduction hosted on alternate weeks by Jorgie Porter and Kieron Richardson, reminding viewers of the retro treat about to be served up. spoke exclusively to Porter, who left her role as Theresa McQueen in 2016, about being back on set and what she - and her character - have been up to since we last saw them.

How did you get involved with hosting Hollyoaks Favourites?
I'd been away for a while living in LA and touring in musicals, and then I came back to the UK. Hollyoaks are always in touch about the possibility of me going back one day, and when they asked me to do this I was 100% on board. They are so engaged with the fans and when the amount of episodes was cutting down they knew the audience would love to see some old ones. It's such a genius idea.

You're hosting from the McQueens' living room, what was it like being back on set?
My heart melted to see everyone, I hadn't been there in four years. It was lovely being back with my Hollyoaks family. And actually quite a treat to have my make-up done, in theatre you have to do it yourself. I'd forgotten what a luxury it was! I had to come in an hour earlier than my call time because I knew I'd get chatting to everyone!

hollyoaks jorgie porter

Was it strange being on the sofa but not playing Theresa?
I think a bit of Theresa may be coming out at times. It's a bit like I'm a split personality going between her and myself - that might get quite confusing for the viewers!

What are your memories from being a bridesmaid at Mercedes and Dr Browning's wedding?
I've been to a lot of Mercy's weddings over the years! It was a crazy episode, so much was going on. Joe Thompson who played Dr Browning was such a nice guy, he was brilliant and really funny. I miss him. He and Jen Metcalfe were total opposites but made such a good combo.

hollyoaks favourites mercedes dr browning

If you had to pick your personal favourite episodes, what would they be?
All of Theresa's episodes of course! I loved doing Hollyoaks Later in 2012, where Brendan Brady went crazy. The 'who shot Calvin' storyline was definitely one of my favourite times, it wasn't revealed who the killer was until very last minute - and it was me! That was a big storyline. It was also one of the first flash-forwards that all the soaps are doing now. We set a precedent! I also remember doing a three-hander which was great.

What do you reckon Theresa is up to these days?
She's meant to be in Spain so I reckon she's gone the full Benidorm, leathery orange skin, talking in Spanish with a northern accent, the works! I hope she's married a rich man, or got a few on the go so she can afford to dress well because she always liked to look on trend!

You left Hollyoaks in 2016, what's been the most exciting thing you've done since?
Growing up and training to be a dancer from the age of three, it was always my aim to be in a West End show and I got to do that with Fame the musical. That was a dream come true. Another dream was to live in Hollywood for a bit and I've done that too! I need a new dream, I've ticked those off now. When I left Hollyoaks I never thought I'd be on stage playing a teenage ballerina wearing tights and leotards at the age of 32!


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