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Hollyoaks' Imran Adams calls for Mitchell and Scott reunion after coming out drama

"Armageddon can't keep them apart!"

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Published: Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 at 1:51 pm

Spurred by the tragic death of Jesse Donovan in Hollyoaks, Mitchell Deveraux has finally come out and admitted to mum Martine Deveraux he's gay. Imran Adams is now backing a romantic reunion for his alter ego and Scott Drinkwell, and even the fact his ex has moved on with wedding planner Azim Desai, he reckons the pair belong together.


"There's always that one person for everyone," the actor tells "When you find them, even Armageddon can't keep them apart!

hollyoaks martine déverbaux mitchell déverbaux

"Whatever happens between Mitchell and Scott it will be a journey. Whether that's be to being lovers or best friends, it will happen at the right time. Scott may think he's moved on, but when you’ve got a love like Mitchell…!


"Personally I think they are great for each other," continues the star, shortlisted as Best Newcomer at this year's National Television Awards. "Being together has helped them in different ways, the connection is healthy. Scott and Mitchell all the way - but it's a journey, so stay tuned!"

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Mitchell's emotional scene on Tuesday 21st January's E4 Hollyoaks showing was a highlight of Adams's eventful year on the show portraying his character's sexuality struggle. "It was intense. I knew the weight of the scene and my responsibility as an actor. After Jesse's death Mitchell thinks there's no better time to reveal his truth so he puts his heart and soul out to Martine. I wanted the emotions to be raw and organic, and I got the flu afterwards!

"The foundation of his story is to live your life, because it won't last forever. Hopefully it will bring him and his mum closer together as she is supportive." Telling grandfather Walter Deveraux is a different matter, however. The patriarch's strict cultural and religious beliefs mean he is extremely disapproving of homosexuality, so Mitchell will remain in the closet to him for now for fear of rejection.

hollyoaks walter deveraux

"Walter has been everything to Mitchell, a father figure, a brother and a therapist. Mitchell is fearful and hesitant of telling him he's gay and getting a negative reaction, coming out to Martine is the first baby step. But he can't go through life with Walter not knowing and realises he has to do it, though it will be a different experience than it was with his mother. He's certainly not planning to do it quite yet!"


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