Farrah Maalik exits Hollyoaks – actor Krupa Pattani reveals why she’s left

The star has already nabbed a part in a big TV drama – but is this really the final goodbye to Hollyoaks?


Hollyoaks has confirmed the exit of Farrah Maalik (Krupa Pattani).


The character left the show after being cruelly dumped by Grace Black (Tamara Wall) on Monday 27th May (E4 showing), unaware that her girlfriend was secretly faking her sudden change of heart as she didn’t want to become a burden following her recent accident.

Farrah deliberated over taking a job offer in Canada, but wanted to stay at her partner’s side who is paralysed after a hit and run.

Desperate to cover his involvement in his sister’s crash, manipulative Liam Donovan (Jude Monk McGowan) convinced Grace that Farrah didn’t love her as she never cancelled her flight, so Ms Black put on her game face and abruptly ended their relationship.

Confused Farrah decided to leave but didn’t see Grace crying to youngest brother Jesse (Luke Jerdy) at the end of the episode, revealing it was all an act and that she felt she had to let her other half go.

After an emotional farewell to her family, Farrah spied a smug Liam and sneakily called the police, telling them she believed the dodgy Donovan is hiding something about the hit and run.

In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, Puttani explains why she’s leaving after two years as the feisty psychiatrist, and reveals what hit TV drama she’s already filmed a guest spot in…


Why are you leaving Hollyoaks?

I’ve had such an amazing time on this show and have learned so much from amazing people, but I just want to try different things. It was a decision between me and Bryan (Kirkwood, executive producer) really: it was sort of coming to an end anyway and I was ready to pursue new projects.

How did you feel about the sad way Farrah and Grace’s relationship ended?

It’s so sad; they’ve been through a lot and really care for each other. They are a bit of an odd couple, but what I enjoyed about playing their relationship was how they work out understanding each other. It was quite funny to see.

Grace felt she had to do what she did for Farrah to move on, otherwise there’d be no reason she would’ve left. It’s heartbreaking they can’t be together. But it’s all my fault basically because I’m leaving! On the positive side Farrah gets to have a massive opportunity!


Were you pleased at the sting in the tale with Farrah tipping off the cops about Liam?

Yes, 100 per cent! Liam thinks he’s untouchable and can get away with anything. Farrah had a sense something wasn’t right and questioned him to get to the bottom of it, but before she could get anywhere he shut her down and engineered it to get rid of her. I’m so glad she follows her instinct and reports him to the police; she trusts they will do something and it’ll be taken care of.

Does Farrah think Liam was driving the car or just that he knows something?

I think she just suspects he knows something. If she thought he was actually driving the car it would’ve been a much more confrontational situation. Accusing her girlfriend’s brother of having some knowledge about this terrible accident is a massive thing that could wreck her relationship, and she hasn’t got any evidence, just an inkling. That isn’t enough to convince other people.

In the end, unfortunately, all she has to go with is that inkling and that’s what she calls the police about. But Liam has certainly gone to great lengths to hide something from Farrah…


Is Farrah worried who Grace can turn to now she’s pushed her away?

It’s not as strong as her bond with Farrah was, but Grace has people like Maxine, Jesse and Courtney outside her relationship who care about her. Farrah trusts that and knows Grace’s family will be there for her.

The door is open, so would you ever consider a return?

Totally, if the opportunity came up I’d always be up for that. If there’s a Maalik family occasion where I’m needed!

What will you miss the most about your on-screen family?

They are all gorgeous people and I loved working with them. They are so passionate about the work but also hilarious to be around. We laughed a lot on set. I’m so proud of what the show is doing with the Maaliks and what they’ve achieved.


Farrah leaves with Jonny and Ste living next door to the Maaliks. What are your feelings on the far right storyline?

I applaud Hollyoaks for doing it. This is such a toxic presence in our society, a lot of our audience are young people so it’s good to tell the story to them. Covering racism is extremely dark, but I’m glad they are doing it as it is a real problem. I am proud of Hollyoaks and glad I got to be a part of it. I’m excited to see how it is handled going forward, I’ll still be tuning in!

What’s next for you?

I’ve already done an episode of Midsomer Murders which is coming up soon. I just want to keep working on screen, I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of opportunities over the last few years and hope that continues.

Would you do another soap?

I would never say no: if it was a good opportunity then of course I’d be very interested and consider it. But I won’t lie, I do feel loyal to Hollyoaks!


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