Hollyoaks: episode details for the week ahead – 4th-8th November 2013

Spoilers - Will is driven to desperate measures once the truth comes to light

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Monday 4 November


Martha is handed a piece of evidence that knocks her for six – is the truth about her daughter’s fate about to be uncovered? The search continues for missing teenager, Tom, but is he any nearer to being found? Sandy and Nancy can’t help but be confused by Sienna’s behaviour – are the odds finally stacking up against her? Elsewhere, John Paul is left feeling sorry for one of his students.

Tuesday 5 November

As her lies accumulate, will Sienna’s evil plan backfire? Dodger’s suspicions against his brother increase, but can he abide by Patrick’s stern warning? Feeling guilty, John Paul attempts to put matters to rest and help out a friend, while Tony’s on edge as he wonders if his past will return to haunt him once more.

Wednesday 6 November

frantic Will is driven to the extreme and, in a shocking turn of events, ends up holding his loved ones hostage: who will survive? Sam is alerted to Will and his malicious intentions, but will she connect the evidence in time? Elsewhere, Darren is still distressed by his partner’s lack of support, and Sienna leaves a trail of devastation behind her.

Thursday 7 November

As the wounded hostages try to reason with an increasingly manic Will, he cruelly silences anyone that crosses his path. Will anyone escape his wrath? Sienna’s web of lies is threatening to unravel.  Can she maintain control of her illicit secret? Meanwhile, the police are hot on to a murderer’s tracks, but can they save anyone else?

Friday 8 November


In light of yesterday’s tragic events, a villager seeks to make amends with a close source. Sandy is left stunned as she is faced with the truth about Fraser’s identity, but just how much will she learn, and how will she react? Ste gets on the wrong side of the village bad boy. Can he stay safe?  Finn attempts to reach out to a loved one, while Cindy is struggling to forget the ghost of her past…