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Hollyoaks to cut back on episodes over coronavirus

The Channel 4 soap will screen three programmes a week in an effort to keep the show on-air for as long as possible

Richard Blackwood, Hollyoaks
Published: Thursday, 19th March 2020 at 1:15 pm

Hollyoaks will cut back on the number of episodes it airs each week, from five to three, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.


The Channel 4 soap opera will reduce its output and only air Monday to Wednesday, but it will continue filming for the foreseeable future while monitoring the outbreak.

The scheduling change will be put into effect from Monday 30th March.

Speaking to, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: "We are planning ahead to make sure Hollyoaks stays on air for as long as possible.

"As we continue to monitor the current situation and follow PHE [Public Health England] advice in order to continue filming safely for the time being, we will make changes to the schedule so that from next week Hollyoaks episodes will be broadcast Monday to Wednesday on Channel 4 and E4."

The spokesperson also revealed that "in the event that we have to take a break from filming," the channel "will look to revisiting some favourite episodes from recent years so Hollyoaks fans don’t miss out".


Hollyoaks will air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on Channel 4 from Monday 30th March


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