Hollyoaks has revealed more about the disturbing backstory of Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) and Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) after confirming the couple are brother and sister, and are the secret siblings of Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) - who had no idea he was a triplet and the only one not to be given away at birth by mum Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan).


Having explained she entrusted her three babies with a doctor to escape bringing shame on her religious family by being an unmarried mother, Martine ended up keeping Mitchell as he was seriously ill and was not expected to survive.

Creepy flashbacks to Toby and Celeste's unconventional upbringing showed they were brought up in isolation and used as part of a twisted social experiment by the unseen Dr Ley, who told them nothing about their biological family and left them highly disturbed and virtual sociopaths.

The young siblings eventually broke free from their clinical prison and discovered the name of the mother who abandoned them, putting them on a course for revenge for the rejection.

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Tuesday 10th March's E4 showing ended with the chilling image of a blank-faced teenage Toby and Celeste watching the medical facility where they grew up burning to the ground, implying they started the fire, possibly murdering the mysterious Dr Ley, and making fans fear exactly what these two are capable of…

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Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Gordon acknowledged viewer reaction to Celeste's calculating streak has identified her as the evil brains of the outfit - but he warns his alter ego should not be underestimated as the siblings' payback plan gathers pace…

What are Toby and Celeste going to do next?

"There are two types of evil," he says. "Calculated, like Celeste, you never know what she's doing but she has an agenda. But when someone is volatile like Toby that is scarier.

"Over time there could be friction between the person who gives the orders and the one who carries them out. No one likes to be told what to do all the time.

"When you look at Toby's upbringing and why his emotions get the better of him, you realise he genuinely wants answers and wants to understand what love and empathy is - he didn't have them growing up.

"If his agenda doesn't fall in line with Celeste's, there could be potential fireworks. I'm always going to be back myself, so I'm saying you should fear Toby!"

"Celeste is the villain locked away, plotting, wearing a mask - you know how Uma Thurman plays Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin? Toby is Bane in that analogy!

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Gordon praised the audacious twist that Toby and Celeste were blood relations and not the aspirational married couple they came posing as in December 2019.

"It's thrown everyone off!" he laughs. "I'm seeing more sympathy towards Toby from fans. They just thought Celeste was really evil and had all sorts of theories. One was that she was in care with Toby, lost her own family then encouraged his revenge plan against the Deverauxs as a chance to get vengeance she was unable to get.

"No one really figured out they were related!"


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