Emmerdale spoilers: Finn wakes in hospital following murder attempt – watch the scene

The Bartons are in a state of high anxiety as Finn dices with death

Finn Barton is to find himself in grave danger when his drink is spiked and he’s left to die in a car filling with toxic fumes.


The perpetrator is a newcomer to the village by the name of Brad, a man who initially seems keen to get to know Finn. But the association soon turns sour leaving Finn in a critical condition.

“Finn hasn’t got a clue that this guy is a bad egg,” says actor Joe Gill. “Brad turns up and seems to have similar interests to Finn. He’s interested in travelling, for instance, and Finn really warms to him. Finn doesn’t know this guy’s sexuality but he is attracted to him. But then Brad spikes his drink and the next thing he knows is that he’s waking up in a hospital.”

After tampering with the drink, Brad has driven Finn to a barn, restarted the engine, wiped the car clean of fingerprints and left just as the enclosed space is filling with fumes. Luckily, Pete (Anthony Quinlan) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) find Finn and rush him to the hospital, where a doctor explains that he has to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.


Here, you can watch the hospital scene set to air on Friday 25 July that will see the Bartons sitting in worried silence as Finn’s eyes start to slowly open. Will he pull through?