Who are the Tan twins in Holby City?

The story of one of Ric's biggest successes gets an update

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Holby City revisited one of Ric Griffin’s greatest triumphs this week when the Tan twins returned, 11 years on from their original appearance, in need of new treatment…


Holby City fans will have to cast their minds back to 2008 in order to chart the Tans’ original plotline, which saw the then-conjoined twins undergo separation surgery.

In the two-part episode No Breaks on the Midnight Express, the surgeons were seen joining forces to carry out the high-profile separation in the full glare of the press and media spotlight.

A complication came during the operation when the weaker of the two twins developed a bleed, which Ric and his colleague Michael Spence tried to stem. Following hours of surgery, the separation was successfully completed and the twins’ parents were seen offering thanks to the staff at Holby for saving their babies.


In the aftermath of these emotional scenes, the Tans were then granted asylum in the UK, while the government agreed to pay for the twins’ procedure.

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