Henrik Hanssen leaves Holby City – will he be back?

Is actor Guy Henry no longer a cast member?

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Holby City Hospital appears to have lost its CEO after Henrik Hanssen decided to leave so he could move to Sweden with daughter-in-law Sara and grandson Oskar.


Tuesday’s episode of Holby City saw the usually career-focused boss realise that his work-life balance wasn’t as it should be. Having softened these past few weeks while caring for Oskar, Hanssen opted to exit alongside him after Sara returned to town to collect the youngster.

Despite Sacha voicing concerns that the hospital would fall apart without him, Hanssen’s mind couldn’t be shifted and he said his goodbyes. So does this now mean that he’s gone for good?

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Is Hanssen leaving for good?

As long-time viewers know, actor Guy Henry has left the cast of Holby City before, with Hanssen having departed in 2013, only to return two years later.

And a BBC spokesperson has told RadioTimes.com that, although these latest scenes are Hanssen’s last for a while, the exit is only temporary and Henry will be resuming filming duties in a few months’ time.

So it looks as though Sacha’s fears can certainly be allayed…


Holby City returns next Tuesday on BBC1