Emmerdale airs its summer stunt on Thursday 1stAugust when a fire at Sharma’s sweet factory claims the life of at least one local.


Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and daughter Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) sneak into the building to destroy CCTV footage of them robbing the safe, but the sabotage accidentally sets off a spark that later catches alight after the ladies leave causing destruction, damage – and death. Who could possibly perish as the blaze takes hold?

Tracy Metcalfe

emmerdale tracy

Racy Tracy arranges to meet potential new love interest Billy at the factory store room for a lusty liaison, but ends up trapped as the fire starts. She’s top of the suspected death list, which could be a giant red herring.

Billy Fletcher

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emmerdale billy fletcher

It’s not known if Billy makes it to the factory to hook up with Tracy, but he could turn up as the place explodes – as seen in the recent trailer – and he loses his life trying to save another.

Ellis Chapman

emmerdale ellis chapman

Jessie’s troublesome boys always end up in the same sticky situation (the big night out stabbing, the siege Tall Trees), so if Billy is caught up in the carnage his brother might leap in and try to rescue him only to end up paying the ultimate price.

Lee Posner

Rapist Lee surely has a shelf life as a character, so it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ justice is served for what he did to Victoria. After being battered by his victim’s overprotective big bro Robert, could Lee sneak back to the village once he's back on his feet to confront his attacker who then chucks him in the fire to burn?

Victoria Sugden

emmerdale robert victoria

It would be an unthinkable tragedy if pregnant Vic was in the wrong place at the wrong time after Rob has tried to hard to keep her safe and avenge the crime committed against her, but losing his sister could put the sinister Sugden on the path to finishing Lee off once and for all. It’s a curveball, but then so was Stacey Fowler being Phil Mitchell’s attacker in EastEnders…

David Metcalfe

emmerdale david metcalfe

If Billy doesn’t stage a rescue attempt for Tracy then surely someone will – it’s not like she’s Kim Tate and the whole community is queueing up to watch her burn to a crisp. There’s still a bond between her and ex-hubby David, and with his saviour complex in overdrive after failing to stop son Jacob Gallagher being abused by predatory Maya Stepney, nice guy Dave might die a hero.

Frank Clayton

emmerdale frank clayton

Similarly, Tracy’s errant dad may not exactly be parent of the year but if his daughter was in danger you’d think he might step up. Although Tracy and sister Vanessa are already at odds with their feckless father over how much he’s prioritising Megan, and the ex-con is acting pretty shifty… Maybe he actually starts the fire and it’s got nothing to do with Amy and Kerry?!

Megan Macey

emmerdale megan macey

Gaynor Faye is leaving the show soon, which automatically puts her in the firing line (pun intended). Setting up the promise of a happy ever after with Frank and increasing tensions with Tracy and Vanessa is a neat way of generating sympathy for a character about to be killed off.

Moira Dingle

emmerdale moira dingle

On Monday 5thAugust it’s revealed Moira has gone to Scotland to stay with her mother-in-law – at least that’s what Pete Barton tells his auntie’s toy boy, Nate Robinson. But is there more to mucky Moira’s sudden departure? Is she a surprise victim of the fire in a secret twist?

Ryan Stocks

ryan stocks

We’re praying this prediction doesn't come true, but purely being among the workforce marks Ryan out for danger. It’s already confirmed Jai, Priya, Dawn, Rishi, Manpreet and Laurel survive beyond Thursday’s explosive event, but what if another Sharma employee is doing some overtime or sneaked back because they left something behind?


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