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Watch Charity and Cain's surprise kiss on Emmerdale - see the full scene

What will the #Vanity fans say?

Published: Monday, 21st January 2019 at 12:33 pm

Cain Dingle will lock lips with old flame Charity on tonight's Emmerdale - despite her having just got engaged to village vet Vanessa.


In the run-up to the surprise kiss, Charity, Faith and Vanessa will be seen pulling straws to determine who will confront Cain, who's behaviour has been a massive cause for concern of late thanks to his violent outbursts.

Charity is dismayed when she pulls the straw, but summons up the courage to head over to Butlers Farm, only to be left shocked by the state of the place. Pretty soon, though, she finds herself making progress with a brooding Cain, who starts to open up about the way he's feeling.

But, as can be seen in this new clip released by ITV, Cain misjudges the situation and moves in for a kiss. But how will Charity react?


Viewers can expect to then see news of Cain's inappropriate pass at Charity ripple through the village. And what with this and the secret about Joe's death reaching the ears of both Faith and Matty, it seems as though the whole community is turning against Cain.

Events then come to a head when the police turn up at the Woolpack and apprehend him for the murder of Joe. But who called the cops on Cain? And will Graham stand back and let his accomplice take the blame, when he knows Joe was still alive when he went to get rid of the body?

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