Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers: Moira left unconscious, plus Sarah does Danny’s bidding (6-10 January 2020)

Plus Charity goes to war with Graham


Graham’s current Emmerdale storyline feels like the first ten minutes of every episode of Murder, She Wrote, but stretched out for weeks and weeks. It’s already been announced that glowering Graham is set to be bumped off as part of a January whodunnit, so we’re now in that run-up period where villagers are constantly saying things like, “He’ll regret crossing me,” or “I ought to kill him” or “I’d better say something ominous about wanting to do Graham in because the writers need more would-be murderers”.


Wednesday’s potential killer-in-waiting is Charity, who sees red when she discovers that Graham took Noah to hospital, thus drawing attention to her somewhat laissez-faire attitude to parenting. Though I don’t feel this gives Charity a strong enough motive for murder, you can’t blame Emmerdale for wanting someone so morally complex and ruthless on the official list of suspects.

Noah isn’t the only teen in trouble next week: we also have Sarah getting hoodwinked by Danny, who coerces her into selling drugs for him. But will she think twice about aligning herself with the malevolent man in her life? Jacob gets a shock when he spies mum Leyla kissing Dr Liam. Moira’s booze binges result in her knocking herself unconscious after she takes a tumble.


And, if you can stand the excitement, an announcement by the bishop could have big repercussions for Harriet. Cue Will making a stupid move that ends up incurring her wrath…