There was a very telling moment on Emmerdale recently when a despairing Moira revealed that she didn’t know why she’d had her affair with Nate. No, Moira, neither do we. We’d barely seen any marital ructions between her Cain, while Nate - bless his twisted little heart - has about as much charisma as a two-by-four.

Now, Moira arrives back at Butlers and tells Cain that she wants to move back in and fight for everything they have. Cain then reacts in a calm, considered manner… only joking, he chucks her out, lays Nate out with one punch and then sleeps with Kerry.


#Robron fans hoping that Ryan Hawley could make sporadic guest appearances in the prison visitors’ room should be braced for bad news: Robert has sent word to Victoria that he’s put a moratorium on any family members venturing behind bars to see him.

As the reality of losing her brother sinks in, Vic then starts to fret about how Aaron will react when he hears the news.

Following the recent cringe-inducing casino flashback, there’s more scamming for Mandy when she strikes back after ruining Lydia’s chances of unmasking her mystery benefactor. With the Dingles having turned their backs on her, Mandy concocts a plan to break into the solicitor’s office.


Will Vinny, Lydia and Sam be able to stop Mandy before she does something stupid? And will Lydia be able to finally discover who left her this windfall?