“Maya still thinks she and Jacob have a future” – Emmerdale’s Louisa Clein on shock return

The actress also hints at how Maya will be written out


Manipulative Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) is back in Emmerdale on Wednesday 5th June, desperate to speak to schoolboy lover Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) who she spent months grooming into a sexual relationship.


The toxic teacher was arrested when the inappropriate fling was exposed but a lack of evidence has jeopardised chances of justice – so why has she risked further police action by returning to the village?

“There is unfinished business,” Clein told RadioTimes.com on the red carpet at this year’s British Soap Awards 2019. “Maya wants to talk to Jacob and find out what’s been going on. I think she misses him terribly.”

Jacob is still under Maya’s spell and blames his dad David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) for getting her apprehended and – in the eyes of the brainwashed pupil – stopping them being together. Clein says, despite everything, her alter ego also maintains her relationship with Jake is genuine.

“She fully believes she is in love with the boy. In another world, she thinks it could work out. To her there is still hope. Last we saw of her on screen she ran out on him after they fled together and hid away in a hotel. She’s not heartless – she wants to see how he is.

“Whether you want to call it deluded or idealistic, she also has that belief their plan to run away is still intact. I think she is kidding herself to the extent she feels there might be a future for them.”


Will Maya kidnap Jacob and run away with him?

Maya faces a village full of people eager to prevent that from happening, namely Jacob’s granddad Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) who spies the abusive adult and tries to alert the police to her presence…

“Pollard is absolutely not pleased to see Maya, but she’s no wallflower,” teases Clein. “There are some fantastic moments between us – then Jacob comes in and we have a very memorable scene…”

Emmerdale has confirmed Clein’s time on the show is coming to an end, but does that mean Maya will finally get her comeuppance? And how does the dramatic situation ultimately resolve itself?

“I can’t really say too much, but there is good stuff still to come. For Maya, this is definitely a story that still has more to play…”


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