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Kim and Graham have been married all along! What Emmerdale's big twist means for the future

Today is their wedding anniversary - who knew?!

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Published: Tuesday, 26th November 2019 at 7:55 pm

Emmerdale's Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) is full of surprises - the SAS past, the tragic dead family backstory, the occasional smile that breaks out across his stony face - but the latest revelation that he's been married all along to employer Kim Tate (Claire King) is one we really didn't see coming.


Tuesday 26th November's hour-long edition had teased yet another big secret would be exposed by Kim about her right-hand man and the Queen of Home Farm did not disappoint as she brazenly announced in a packed Woolpack today was their wedding anniversary, much to the horror of Graham's girlfriend Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and the assembled punters - including Kim's son Jamie and his wife Andrea. has got some questions, observations and predictions beyond this bombshell. And we'd like to share them with you…

How long have Kim and Graham been married?

Expository dialogue from conniving Kim told us the secret marriage must have occurred during her lengthy stint in prison before her explosive comeback in October 2018, so we're looking at two years minimum. Could even be as long as a decade.

emmerdale kim tate graham foster

Why did they get married in the first place?

Despite their deep history and the fact they've been lovers, on and off, for years, Kim made it clear the marriage was strictly business, and only occurred so she could protect her financial assets while she was banged up. Riled by Graham's recent power games and keen to take him down a peg or two, Kim decided to announce the fact they are secretly husband wife basically to shut him up and jeopardise his romance with Rhona.

What did Graham get out of the marriage?

A big fat one-off payment, promising to keep his gob shut and not to make any further claims on the Tate fortune once Kim's probation period was done (which it now is), her assets were her own again (or something like that, we got slightly lost at this point) and the pair divorced, which they soon will be. Possibly.

emmerdale kim tate graham foster

How will Graham get revenge on Kim for revealing this?

Swiftly. With Rhona feeling betrayed he turned on Kim for wrecking his relationship then made a little announcement of his own - that he is quite possibly the real father of Andrea's daughter Millie, meaning she is not a Tate by blood. Graham has the power to crush Kim's son Jamie with the revelation, and in the coming week there will be a paternity test to confirm the truth once and for all.

Will there be a big divorce battle?

Well it looks a bit late for marriage guidance counselling, so yes. Graham burst Kim's smug bubble by warning her she should've divorced him while she had the chance, as he's now prepared to fight properly dirty to end the marriage and bleed her dry, despite their tight pre-nuptial agreement. If Kim isn't actually a Tate, does that mean Graham is entitled to everything? Could her callous attempt to humiliate the brooding butler by crossing him turn out to be her biggest mistake? Has she underestimated him and met her match?

emmerdale kim tate graham foster

Is Graham being killed off?

Quite possibly. Over the next few weeks Emmerdale appear to be putting the pieces in place to give the character a big exit ahead of reports that Scarborough is leaving the cast. If Jamie learns about Andrea's fling with the man in black (teased to be the big Christmas Day revelation) then he can join Kim, Andrea, Rhona, Marlon Dingle (who punched Graham for trying to muscle in on ex Rhona and his son Leo) and possibly Kim's new partner in crime Al Chapman in a potential line-up of people who want Graham gone.

Could the marriage twist be setting up a whodunnit for 2020?


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