Emmerdale has teased fans over the fate of Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) after she was accidentally knocked unconscious by Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) in a scuffle following the revelation of who was responsible for Frank Clayton's death.


Thursday 3rd October's double bill ended with Kerry and daughter Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) chasing Trace out into the street to stop her telling the police what she had just discovered – that the Wyatt women started the factory fire that killed her father.

The community believes ex-con Frank stole from the Sharmas and perished in the blaze, while Kerry has ironically been hailed a heroine for raising money to support the out-of-work employees who found themselves jobless.

Unable to take the hypocrisy any more, Kerry finally confessed the truth to Tracy as she discovered her pal's plan to secretly flee the country. Calling Amy to the scene, the whole gory story came out about the debt the girls went to desperate measures to pay off, but despite their attempts to explain the accidental nature of the tragedy, and regret for lying, Tracy made a dash for it.

emmerdale tracy metcalfe kerry wyatt

Pushing Kerry to the ground as she tried to stop her, Tracy was left stunned as she fell head first onto some stones in the back garden, with horrified Amy looking on…

The story continues over the next week as Kerry ends up in hospital, unresponsive to doctors' attempts to revive her. Dan and Amelia keep a tense bedside vigil, while Vanessa and girlfriend Charity try to ease Tracy's guilty conscience. Meanwhile, Amy wants justice for her mum's injuries and threatens to tell the authorities Tracy is to blame for the attack.

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Vanessa gets angry during a showdown with Amy at the hospital and accidentally hits a nurse, leading to her arrest. As the vexed vet is hauled down the station, she faces a dilemma – blow the whistle on Kerry and Amy being behind the factory fire, and risk implicating her own sister for putting Kerry in a coma?

What will Vanessa do? And is is curtains for Kerry as she continues to languish in hospital?


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