Problems for Dawn in Emmerdale as she deals with the mysterious Richard

Who is the man causing more issues for Dawn?

dawn emmerdale

Things have not been running smoothly for Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) in recent months in Emmerdale as she has been involved in the cover-up surrounding the death of DI Malone at the hands of Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton).


It did not get much better from there as she was forced to call time on her relationship and has been struggling with the weight of what happened ever since. Things do not ease up next week when she is quizzed by Will (Dean Andrews) about where she has been.

To top it all off, she has been getting calls from a man named Richard who is she is keen does not get in touch with her again.

Who is this mysterious Richard? We look set to find out his identity by the end of the week, but what does he want with Dawn?

Speaking of the one who killed Malone, Harriet is not exactly having a great week either as the word around the Dales is that her wedding to Will has been called off due to money worries, something that is far from the actual reason.

That lie comes back to haunt them both when their friends in the village announce that they have all pooled together and are able to give them the wedding that they have always dreamed of, which, in an ideal world, would be a lovely gesture they would both appreciate.

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Feeling the strain of the lie proves to be too much for Will who finally tires of Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), AKA Mr Unpopular, and he ends up lashing out and punching him when an altercation gets out of hand.

Will things ever get easier for these characters in the wake of all that happened with Malone?


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