ITV has released a new promo that offers up fresh clues as to who will shoot Robert Sugden in next week's episodes of Emmerdale.

Conniving Robert will take a bullet after making one too many enemies and - as can be seen from the trailer - the suspects include Andy, Aaron, Chas, Lawrence, Chrissie and Lachlan. But which villager hates him enough to want to end his life?

"At the point when he's shot, everyone has made it clear that they don't like Robert," admits actor Ryan Hawley. "Chas has told him to drop dead, his relationship with Andy is irreparable, Aaron has made it apparent that he doesn't like him and Lawrence finds out that Robert orchestrated the raid at Home Farm. So all of Robert's relationships are at the end of their tether."

You can watch the trailer below. And beneath that, there's a 60-second rundown of all next week's drama in Emmerdale.

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