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Emmerdale spoilers: Who kills Graham and all the fallout from next week's huge episodes

He's the most wanted man in the Dales

Published: Saturday, 18th January 2020 at 9:00 am

This week’s Emmerdale is doing things a little differently. Having given virtually everyone in the Yorkshire Dales a reason to want him dead, glowering Graham Foster is set to get bumped off.


Over the course of the five episodes, we’ll see the same day play out from the perspective of a different character – each of whom has a motive to kill. And it’s only on Friday, when we’ll witness things from Graham’s own point of view, that all will become clear. Try to imagine Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon with sheep and tractors and you’ll have some idea as to where we’re headed.


On Monday's Emmerdale, it’s Kim who becomes a prime suspect when, after being taken for a fool, the red mist descends and she insists to Al that she wants Graham dead. Today. But it turns out she’s not alone in wanting to see him meet his maker.

Later in the week, we’ll see Jai driving while under the influence and having a collision with Graham, who then reports all to a horrified Laurel. Charity is then given fresh reason to hate Graham after he humiliates Ryan and belittles her, while both Jamie and Andrea also end up loathing the Home Farm factotum even more than they do already. And let’s not forget Marlon, who grows ever-more determined to stop Graham taking his son Leo away.


My hope is that they all do the deed and Emmerdale becomes entirely peopled with murderers who are all covering for each other. Or that tiny Millie goes all Granny Kim, kills Graham, checks he isn’t breathing with a Fisher Price compact mirror and makes her exit in Budgie the Little Helicopter.

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