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Vanessa's cancer surgery is a success in Emmerdale - but she still faces chemo

The vet's struggle continues as she starts treatment

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Published: Wednesday, 18th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

There was good news for Emmerdale's Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) when doctors confirmed her surgery to remove a cancerous tumour on her bowel and lymph nodes was a complete success - but the vet's fight is not over yet.


Wednesday 18th March's emotional episode saw V's fiancée Charity Dingle and little sister Tracy Metcalfe face an agonising wait as the operation took place.

Vanessa had admitted to Trace she had made a will as a precaution, exacerbating the seriousness of the situation. Thankfully, medics announced when she woke up the procedure went well and they managed to remove the tumour along with the lymph nodes with no complications, and there was no need for a stoma bag to be fitted.

When beaming 'Ness asked if that meant she wouldn't need any follow-up chemotherapy, as she'd been warned to expect, the doctor informed the patient she wished to push ahead with the plan to have the treatment as a "belt and braces" approach.

emmerdale tracy metcalfe vanessa woodfield charity dingle

While Vanessa understood the logic behind it, the look on her face told viewers she was deflated and disappointed the tough times were not yet over.

Speaking about the hard-hitting storyline and the impact on her character and loved ones, Hardwick says: "I've been talking to an expert professor called Mark about how people react in this situation.

"It's interesting as he said it's generally those around the patient that cry more, whereas the person it's happening to is more stoic. That's how I'm playing Vanessa, she's being strong for everyone else."


How long can she keep up her brave front after tonight's news?

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