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Emmerdale spoilers: "Ross Barton could fill Cain Dingle's shoes" - Michael Parr interview

The actor also revealed that Ross and Donna's criminal activities are "going to get quite dark"

Published: Monday, 26th May 2014 at 2:13 pm

Actor Michael Parr has revealed that he thinks Ross Barton could inherit Cain Dingle's bad boy crown on Emmerdale.


Speaking to on the red carpet at this year's British Soap Awards, Best Newcomer nominee Parr said: "There is quite a big difference between Cain and Ross, but there is a mantle there and Ross could easily fill Cain's shoes."

Ross may have been in the village less than a year but he's already made a big splash thanks to a keen eye for the opposite sex and his current criminal endeavours with Donna Windsor. "He's come in with a bang," agreed Parr. "I'm not keeping count of how many girls he's been with, but there have been more girls than months."

Of Ross's law-breaking activities, the actor added: "He's always in serious trouble. But this storyline is going to get quite dark."

With big plotlines come increased recognition, especially with Emmerdale airing each weeknight. But Parr has a way of staying incognito. "I wouldn't say I get recognised everywhere I go. I seem to be able to blend into the background if I'm wearing a hat. People recognise me by my hair because it's always slicked back. I definitely get a few double takes. Some people also assume that I'm going to be as aggressive and nasty as Ross, which of course isn't the case."

And would he relish the opportunity to show a different aspect to Ross's personality so that fans get to see a softer side?


"I don't think any character should be just one way and I want to show that Ross is three dimensional. But I do like playing the darker stuff. It suits me better."


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