Emmerdale spoilers: Noah collapses after being poisoned – did Megan do it? Gaynor Faye interview

Charity to become convinced that Megan is out to kill her after Noah drinks wine laced with pesticide

Young Noah Macey (Jack Downham) is to keel over next week after drinking poisoned wine. But viewers will be left wondering if Noah’s mum Charity (Emma Atkins) was the intended victim and whether her bitter rival Megan (Ganynor Faye) is the one responsible for lacing the bottle’s contents with pesticide.


“Megan’s fingerprints are all over the bottle,” actress Gaynor Faye reveals to RadioTimes.com. “She’s been up at Home Farm, she’s taken the bottle of wine and opened it, but then Noah’s come along and told her that she can’t drink it because it belongs to Charity. Later on, Noah takes the bottle. He’s fed up of all the arguments and how his mum’s behaving, so he decides to teach her a lesson by drinking the wine. Unfortunately, he ends up in hospital because the wine is poisoned and the last person to have their grubby little hands on the bottle was Megan!”

Noah’s collapse comes at the end of a fraught week that first sees Megan arrested for breaking the terms of her restraining order after she confronts Charity with fresh evidence of her secret abortion. But with Declan under the illusion that it was Debbie who had the termination, Megan is left stymied and frustrated.

As the police lead her away, Megan fumes at Charity that she’ll kill her for what she’s done. But will Megan’s rash words return to haunt her after Charity grows convinced that her archenemy actually does have murder in mind?

After Noah is hospitalised, the police eventually confirm that poison has been found in the wine that the young lad drank, leaving Charity in no doubt that Megan is responsible. She wastes little time in telling them and when the officers later seek Megan out at Pear Tree, it’s clear that they’re taking Charity’s accusations very seriously.


“It’s not looking good for Megan,” Faye admits. “There’s frustratingly incriminating evidence. She’s told Charity that she’s going to kill her, which isn’t the best thing to say in front of the police. All the evidence is pointing at Megan, so she’s bound to end up being prime suspect.”