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6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Heartbreak for Priya over her fears for Al

Why does Al have a secret bracelet?

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Published: Saturday, 1st August 2020 at 6:30 am

This weeks visit to Emmerdale shows Priya doubt that Al is being faithful to her.


And there's surprising news for Tracy - which she definitely doesn't see coming.

Here are your spoilers for Emmerdale between 3rd - 7th August 2020.

Priya grows suspicious of Al

emmerdale priya al affair

Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) is surprised to discover that her house has been broken into, and even more so when she sees that the intruder is Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill). Sarah though is not one to be intimidated and snatches Priya's phone hoping to find information on Kirin for Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). But Charity soon realises that the texts she has been sending have nothing to do with Kirin. Priya later realises that Sarah has stolen things, including her ring, and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) later discovers that a bracelet he had in his bag has also been taken. Confronting Sarah, Priya forces her to hand everything back but is surprised to see the bracelet amongst the stolen items. When she quizzes Al, he pleads ignorance and says that none of his belongings were pinched which instantly worries Priya who assumes that Al has been having an affair. But is she jumping to the wrong conclusion?

Malone surprises Harriet

emmerdale harriet malone

Detective Mark Malone (Mark Womack) may be alive and well following his violent confrontation with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), but things between him and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow-Blyton) show no signs of getting less complicated any time soon. At the police station, Malone defends his actions and continues to put Will down to Harriet. He then shocks her by telling her just how deep his feelings for her run. But given the history between them, her upcoming wedding with Will, and that she knows just how crooked a cop he is, will she be persuaded to give things a go between them? As for Will, with a clue to the affair recently being discovered by Billy, is he close to finding out that Harriet has betrayed him with his worst enemy?

Tracy gets shocking news


Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) needs to get her wrist looked at this week and she and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) head off to the hospital. As Tracy gets some tests done, neither of them are aware that they about to receive life-changing news. When the results of a urine test come back, the bombshell is dropped on them that Tracy is pregnant. They are both shell-shocked by what they hear with the pair keenly aware that not only was this not planned- but they have not really been together all that long. Some serious conversations need to be had and they soon get talking about what this means for them and their future. Are they ready to take on something as big as a pregnancy, and will they both agree on how they want to proceed?

Elsewhere on Emmerdale...

emmerdale dan
  • Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) loses his temper when he is urged to use his compensation money to hire a private physiotherapist to help him with his recovery. After biting his tongue when Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) first mentions it, he soon lashes out and snaps when Amelia (Daisy Campbell) pushes the point.
  • Despite Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) wanting to keep her Huntingdon's test a secret, it is a secret that does not stay hidden for long when Sam (James Hooton) lets the news out. How will Lydia react to what he has done?
  • When she hears that Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) has decided to stay in Australia permanently, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is devastated and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) notices and vows to help her.

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