Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma is revealed to be Charity’s kidnapper – Chris Bisson interview

"He's managed to brutally knock her out, kidnap her and pre-arranged for her to be held in a container so that he can torture her. He hasn't done this on a whim!" says the actor

Jai Sharma has been revealed to be Charity Macey’s mystery kidnapper in scenes just broadcast during tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.


Desperate dad Jai has never got over the fact that Rachel disappeared back in January with his son Archie – and after learning recently that it was Charity who orchestrated their exit, Jai has now decided to exact revenge. So how far is he willing to go to get Archie back?

“Jai believes that Charity is the key to Archie. And only the desperation of losing a child can push you to these limits,” actor Chris Bisson, who plays Jai, tells RadioTimes.com. “Come the end of Wednesday night’s episode, I think Jai may have quite surprised the audience.” 

This week’s episodes of Emmerdale have seen Charity (Emma Atkins) attacked and held captive in a shipping container after alienating half the village with her devious plotting. Everyone from daughter Debbie to Charity’s murderous husband Declan have come under suspicion, but it was Jai who was shown to be responsible at the climax to this evening’s instalment.

“To be honest with you, I’m really pleased that it’s Jai,” continues Bisson. “The viewers probably think that Charity deserves what’s happened to her, in some ways! We’ve been waiting for her to get her comeuppance. You’ll have to keep watching to see whether Jai can deliver that. But let’s not forget that this is all pre-meditated on Jai’s part. He’s managed to brutally knock her out, kidnap her and pre-arranged for her to be held in a container so that he can torture her. He hasn’t done this on a whim!”

As it turns out, Bisson has been lobbying behind the scenes for his character to exhibit a more dangerous side. “I was at an awards do with our series producer Kate Oates and I asked her, ‘What is Jai going to do to Charity when he finds out about what she’s done?’ Mind you, it was still a surprise when I got the scripts and saw what was going to happen.”

And what can we expect to see during tomorrow’s episode? “Jai’s definitely becoming darker, that’s for sure. When Charity sent Rachel away, she took her phone away and gave her a new one. So it’s very plausible that Charity still knows where Rachel is. So the next phase is Jai extracting information out of Charity. There are some really dark scenes.”


Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV