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Emmerdale spoilers: Charley Webb on Debbie's terror at being held at gunpoint by Cameron

"The sight of him, after everything they went through in the house, just terrifies her. She just doesn’t recognise what he has become"

Published: Monday, 7th October 2013 at 11:01 pm

Charley Webb has been talking about how her character Debbie Dingle reacts when escaped killer Cameron Murray holds the Woolpack hostage at gunpoint.


“She just can’t believe what she’s seeing,” says the actress. “She’s in complete shock and so much us running through her mind. She doesn’t necessarily notice the gun at first. It’s just him – the sight of him, after everything they went through in the house, just terrifies her. She just doesn’t recognise what he has become.”

In dramatic scenes to be shown next week, one of the pub regulars will be left on the critical list after being shot. So is Debbie fearing for her life during the siege?

"I don’t think she does at first. I think it’s more that Cameron’s scaring her rather than her fearing that he is going to shoot her,” says Webb. “I think for a lot of the hostage situation, she knows that he wouldn’t shoot her. She’s just trying to get Cameron to listen to her, really. Debbie is more heartbroken and terrified of the situation and, of course, for everybody else’s safety.”

As she has every right to be, seeing as Cameron already has three murders to his name, having bumped off Carl King, Alex Moss and Gennie Walker. Fans of the show have been gripped by the steady unravelling of Cameron’s character this past year, while ratings for the soap have, at times, overtaken EastEnders. So who, in Webb’s opinion, should be taking credit for Emmerdale’s current success?

“It’s definitely down to our producer Kate Oates, who is just a genius. She is coming at every angle with bigger and better things and amazing storylines. I’m finding myself rushing home to watch it because I’m really enjoying it as a viewer.

“I have to watch it on ITV+1 because it’s Buster’s bedtime, but each night I want to see what’s happening with other people’s stuff and I’m finding myself wanting to watch our bits too, even though I know what’s going to happen!”


And what of her co-star Dominic Power, whose character Cameron is fuelling this latest cliffhanger plotline? “I think Dominic is an amazing actor and has done a lot of really strong stuff. He’s very talented and he’s clever too, particular with how he’s played this. It’s been amazing; I can’t wait for these scenes to be on screen so everyone can see them.”


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