We love a good white wedding in soap world, but in the case of Emmerdale's Charity (Emma Atkins) and Mack (Lawrence Robb), walking down the aisle is the last thing on their minds.


To put it plainly, anything that could go wrong does go wrong, and whether the unlikely couple will get married is truly anyone's guess.

If that wasn't enough drama, Mack's in for a shock when he discovers Chloe (Jessie Elland) has gone into labour with his baby – that Charity still doesn't know about.

Will the big secret come out? Will Charity and Mack make it down the aisle? And what on earth has Bernice (Samantha Giles) done now?

Read on for all your Emmerdale spoilers for Monday 17th April to Friday 21st April.

Charity and Mack get arrested

Emmerdale: Charity and Mack get arrested

As Moira and Charity bond, the bride-to-be has a brainwave when she spots a reference to the A-Team in an old picture of Mack. Their truce doesn't last too long though and moments later they break out into a bicker, with Charity eventually pushing Moira into a haystack. Charity is convinced Moira's trying to sabotage the wedding, but it's all a misunderstanding as the next day Moira hands over the wedding rings.

Back on track, Moira reveals a gift from Charity to Mack, which is unbelievably a replica A-Team van! The loved-up couple take the van for a spin while dressed in their best A-Team attire, but PC Swirling arrives on the scene with some shocking news - the van is actually involved in a crime and as a result, Mack and Charity are arrested. Piece of work Swirling tells them to get comfortable as they won't be going anywhere any time soon...

Will Mack and Charity get to the church in time?

Emmerdale: Mack and Charity in jail

The next day, preparations go ahead in the village while Charity and Mack start to lose hope in prison, unsure if they can go ahead with the wedding. Charity begs Swirling to let them go and while it doesn't look hopeful at the start, the cop eventually releases them - though it's too late for them to get married now.

Mack begs Cain over the phone to stall Charles, explaining they're on their way. Much to their surprise, a knight in shining armour arrives - it's Swirling behind the wheel of the A-Team van! Finally, the A-Team van pulls up at the church just in time and Charles agrees to marry them - even though they are in their fancy dress! But if they thought the rest of the day would go smoothly, they had another think coming...

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Chloe goes into labour

Emmerdale: Chloe in labour

At the same time as the A-Team fiasco, Sarah and Chloe sit down for a night of pampering, but their evening is disrupted when Chloe's waters break! Readying herself for the arrival of her baby, Chloe rushes straight to hospital with Sarah. The next day, pregnant Chloe is in pain from her contractions, but urges Sarah to get going – it's Charity and Mack's wedding day and she needs to get ready.

At the church, Sarah tells Mack and Charity that Chloe's gone into labour – the father-to-be goes missing, saying he has something "urgent" to do. Nate finds his pal with the weight of the world on his shoulders and has to be talked around to get back to the church to marry Charity. Mack takes a moment before reading a message on his phone and leaves on another mission. At the church, Charity thinks the worst - is she about to be a jilted bride? At the hospital, Chloe's in the depths of labour but is delighted to see someone has come to be with her. Is it Mack?

Amelia and Noah reunite

Emmerdale: Amelia and Noah reunite

After her cancer scare last week, Amelia can't help but worry about her future and what could happen to Esther, while Noah tries his best to reassure her. Doting Noah insists he loves Amelia and will be there for her and Esther no matter what, but Amelia can't help but fear Esther will end up with Samson if anything happened to her. Overwhelmed by her feelings, Amelia doesn't know what to say next.

Meanwhile, Lydia manages to get the truth about Amelia out of Noah and is horrified to discover about her lump. Lydia is fuming at Samson who has very little sympathy for Amelia and a verbal clash brings about the real truth – Sam realises his son's struggling with the news because it has clearly reminded him of his own mother's death. Samson admits he's also worried about Esther should anything happen to Amelia, and Sam is desperate to support his son through this ordeal.

Throughout all of this, Amelia and Noah have a heart-to-heart and reunite, sealing the deal with a kiss. Samson also tries to make amends, but Amelia's too tired of him now. Will she learn to forgive him? And will she be OK?

Bernice's naked blunder

Emmerdale: Bernice strips off

Bernice has been trying her best to make her menopause support group work, but she's gutted to hear from Nicola that it's too boring. Desperate to reinvigorate the group, she decides on an art class for the next meeting. Bernice takes over the cafe and her art class gets started – but her members are shocked when they realise she's arranged a life-drawing class! Sneaky Heath is stood outside and overhears everything. Outside the cafe, Elliot pushes the door open and snaps a picture of the model - not realising the subject actually phoned in sick and Bernice took one for the team and stripped off!

Chas is taken aback

Emmerdale: Paddy and Chas talk

Chas had been hoping for a reconciliation with Paddy, but she's dealt another blow when she heads round to chat to Paddy again. He reveals he's been in touch with a solicitor and started conversations around a divorce. Admitting he doesn't want to prolong the pain any longer, he asks Chas if she would consider making a joint divorce application to speed things up. What will she say?

Nicky's motives are questioned

Emmerdale: Nicky and Gabby talk

Now us viewers know the truth about Nicky and Caleb, all eyes are on their next moves. Engaged to Gabby and seemingly about to get his claws into Home Farm, Nicky urges Gabby to get a move on and get married as quickly as possible. However, she's learned from the best, and in Kim-style, questions his motives. With Nicky's plan looking like it will backfire, has he blown his chance with her?

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