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10 potential victims in Emmerdale's first socially-distanced murder

The soap plans a dramatic death for the pandemic age.

Emmerdale murder
Published: Wednesday, 10th June 2020 at 5:31 pm

Emmerdale is killing off a major character in what will be soap's first 'socially-distanced' murder storyline.


John Whiston, Managing Director of Continuing Drama for ITV, has revealed plans are afoot for the grisly plot and the team are currently working out the logistics in light of new government guidelines ensure production is Covid-safe - including no physical contact on set.

"In terms of normal stuff that goes on in soaps, we'll have to socially distance murders," he told Sky News. "And we actually have one coming up in Emmerdale quite soon…"

Which unlucky villager will be the victim? lines up 10 possible suspects.

Vanessa Woodfield

Emmerdale Vanessa

With Emmerdale so committed to telling Vanessa's bowel cancer storyline so truthfully this seems unlikely. But with Michelle Hardwick expecting a baby in real life, perhaps the direction of the plot has altered and the actress has decided to leave permanently - allowing for a truly shocking exit?

Cain Dingle

cain dingle emmerdale

Always in the eye of the storm, drama magnet Cain has a lot of scores to settle so it's feasible one of his rivalries (more of which later) could reach a fatal climax and cap his 20 years as one of the soap's most popular characters. No one wants Emmerdale without Cain Dingle, obviously, so let's hope we're wrong…

Nate Robinson

emmerdale nate robinson

He seduced Moira Dingle in order to steal her from Cain, the father he believed abandoned him - since learning there was more to it Nate has tried to forge a relationship with his dad, but it's basically his fault Coira are no more so what if the couple decide to do him in for causing all that chaos? Moira might hit the bottle and lash out, accidentally killing her stepson and begging Cain to help her cover it up. She's got form in that area, remember Emma Barton?

DI Malone

emmerdale malone

Emmerdale's new big bad has got his sticky fingers in all manner of pies - we've seen the crooked copper ensnare Cain, Will Taylor and Billy Fletcher into his underground criminal network, he's got a passionate past with vicar Harriet Finch, and is capable of pretty much anything. Sounds like the perfect recipe for him to bumped off sparking the next whodunnit.

Will Taylor

will beaten emmerdale

Or it could go the other way, and reformed crim Will tries to stand up to Malone and gets bumped off for refusing to do as he's told. Life on Mars star Dean Andrews was an exciting signing to the cast last year but has been somewhat underused. Maybe he'll be the killer instead?

Andrea Tate

andrea emmerdale revenge

Last seen in hiding while the police launch a missing persons investigation, it appears betrayed Andrea plans to fake her own murder and frame cheating husband Jamie Tate. So far, so Gone Girl, so how about a twist where Jamie tracks her down and realises what her revenge plan is then does her in for real during a heated row?

Belle Dingle

Emmerdale Belle Dingle

Let's bring in the third member of this little love triangle - Belle is the thorn in Andrea's side, and she feels if her hubby's colleague wasn't around her marriage wouldn't have collapsed. Is Andrea's end game to actually target Belle and get rid of her permanently? Make it look like a tragic accident then comfort Jamie, hoping he'll realise the affair was a mistake and he should've stuck with his wife all along?

Jamie Tate

emmerdale jamie tate

Another way the Jamie/Belle/Andrea trio could go is if the women end up joining forces and getting revenge on the fella that's been stringing them both along - remember when Corrie's Michelle Connor and Vicky Jefferies planned to teach naughty Robert Preston a lesson for having them both on the go? He ended up dead. Although that was because of a crazed gunman being on the loose, but still…

Leanna Cavanagh


Teen mean girl Leanna has successfully wrecked the romance between her precious daddy Liam Cavanagh and Leyla Harding, and has already earned a slap in the face from the doctor's former squeeze. She was wrongly accused of trashing the Take a Vow office so someone else obviously has it in for Leyla - perhaps whoever that is kills the schoolgirl and sets Ms Harding up for it?

Luke Posner

Emmerdale Max Parker

It's gone a bit quiet for the brother of dead rapist Lee, but that could change as Aaron Dingle is about to be reminded of the reasons he and husband Robert Sugden were torn apart. A letter from his jailed soul mate, currently doing time for Lee's murder after he sexually assaulted Rob's sister Victoria Barton, might push Aaron over the edge leading him to target his rage at Luke once more. If the only way of being with Robert again is behind bars, might Aaron be tempted to commit a similar crime to get him sent down too in the hope they end up sharing a cell?


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