Emmerdale: Sam lies about his injuries after Rachel attacks him – watch the full scene

But can Rachel be trusted when she tells Sam that she'll never harm him again?

Sam Dingle is to conceal the fact that he has been the victim of assault by girlfriend Rachel Breckle.


Scenes to be shown in tomorrow’s episode of Emmerdale will see Sam say that he was clipped by one of Samson’s action figures when he’s quizzed by Ruby. Later on, Rachel promises that she won’t harm Sam again, but is she a woman of her word? 

Says actress Gemma Oaten of the emotional storyline: “You’ll see Rachel be regretful about her behaviour and completely remorseful. She loves Sam. And she’ll genuinely mean it when she says that she won’t do it again.

“But, from the research I’ve done, what happens in the real world is that people struggle to control their anger. So this isn’t going to go away overnight.”

You can watch the clip below. And beneath that there’s a 60-second rundown of all the coming week’s drama on Emmerdale.


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