Emmerdale: Pierce threatens Vanessa – and her son Johnny! Here’s what happens next

Just what does Pierce have planned?


It’s all getting very nasty down on Emmerdale with master manipulator Pierce threatening to become Vanessa’s “worst nightmare”.


With Vanessa having got the measure of Pierce, she initially seemed determined to expose him for the control freak that he is before best mate Rhona opts to marry him.

But now, Pierce has turned the tables, setting Vanessa up by making it seem that she’d deliberately accessed Rhona’s sex-tape when it was Pierce who’d given her permission to use the laptop in the first place.

Tonight’s cliffhanger scenes then saw Pierce label Vanessa “a poisonous bitch” before making a veiled threat about the welfare of both her and son Johnny.

Picking up a framed photo of Vanessa’s son, Pierce said: “You’ve no idea what I’m capable of.” All of which left Vanessa looking more than a little disturbed about her enemy’s intentions.

Monday’s episode of Emmerdale will now see Rhona and Vanessa continuing to argue over the sex tape, while Paddy gets caught in the middle of the war.

As for Pierce, well, he’s turning onto charm when he says that he wants Leo to be best man at the upcoming wedding. But is Pierce as genuine as he seems? We’re guessing not…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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