Emmerdale: Pierce denies raping Rhona – “It’s a horrible accusation”

Evil lawyer Pierce twisted the facts to suit his case in tonight's episode


Emmerdale’s Pierce Harris has dismissed wife Rhona’s accusations of rape, telling her that if she went to the police, it would undermine “genuine cases”.


Legal eagle Pierce is currently unaware that Rhona has already been seen at a sexual assault referral centre, although she did decide not to name her attacker after being questioned by the police.

Tonight’s episode saw Pierce tell Rhona that an examination would fail to show any real sign of coercion or harm, little knowing that she has had bruises photographed.

But it did seem as though evil Pierce’s mind games were having some effect on an already vulnerable Rhona. As he tried to paint out what they did as an act between two “consenting adults”, Pierce also cited the sex tape they’d previously filmed as evidence of their “adventurous sex life”.

Viewers have yet to find out if Rhona will be taken in by Pierce’s assurances that they could “get past this” and whether she’ll be convinced by her husband’s words about the “heartache” she’d be inflicting should she report his actions…

Emmerdale returns tonight at 8:00pm.

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