Natalie J Robb has revealed more on Moira Dingle's future in the wake of shock Emmerdale bombshell that stepson Kyle (Huey Quinn) shot and killed Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).


Moira's husband Cain (Jeff Hordley) is currently behind bars after taking the blame for the crime, and Emmerdale has revealed that Kyle's mother Amy Wyatt (Natalie Jamieson) will take him away from the village to protect the secret.

Later, Moira and young son Isaac will join the pair in Belfast, and Robb explains what drives her character to make that decision.

"She's not coping very well, but she's trying to keep her family together as best she can," says the star.

"When she finds out that Amy runs away to Belfast with Kyle, I think it's all too much for her at that point; she just loses the plot for a bit.

Kyle in Emmerdale
Huey Quinn plays Kyle in Emmerdale. ITV

"It all gets too much for her and she feels the best thing to do is get away. Get away from the scenario and the situation, or the circumstances that are surrounding it so that people don't say anything they shouldn't say.

The horrific situation takes its toll on Moira, adds Robb. "Of course, as far as she's concerned she's just lost her husband, in a different way. It's something she didn't see coming, and I think it's just the shock of it all, really, and she runs off to be with Kyle and to keep Kyle and Isaac together."

But, asked whether Moira can come to terms with what life has thrown at her and her family, the actress confirms that her character will be back. "She gets her head round it, she comes back from Belfast and says 'it was a blip,' she's okay now and she says 'we can make it work, we will make it work.'

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"She doesn't really know deep down whether that is something she can do. But at this stage she thinks 'I've got to give it everything,' because it's the love of her life and she's got a family to him. We had a scene together where she says to [Cain] 'I'll do everything I possibly can to keep this family together.' That's always been Moira's thing, she's fierce about her family."

Discussing the soap's big twist over Kyle, Robb adds: "I thought it was really brilliant. And also, seeing little Huey being able to come out into his own a little bit. He's only ten years old, and in story terms that's the true age as well.

"It's quite a good thing to watch him grow as an actor and have more lines and dialogue and see him have his first big storyline.

"It's the first proper storyline for Huey, so for me on a personal note for Huey I think it's a really wonderful thing. He's enjoying it, he's embracing it."

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