We’re in for the start of a different run of episodes for Emmerdale this week as the lockdown specials, the first to be filmed after the production shutdown, begin.


Running for another two weeks after this, the special episodes will showcase different characters from the dales who are held up, like the rest of us have been, in lockdown. So, who will we be spending time with this week?

Here’s your spoilers for Emmerdale between Monday 8th and Friday 12th June.

Lydia and Sam

emmerdale sam lydia lockdown

Recently married, Lydia and Sam Dingle (James Hooton and Karen Blick) find that lockdown causes problems for the two of them when Sam begins to get overly paranoid about Lydia interacting with the outside world. He is adamant that she needs to stay indoors and insists that when anyone leaves the house to go shopping - it will be him. After a while, Lydia begins to grow tired of having the same meal night after night and so she decides to ignore him and head out herself to do a click and collect. When she returns home, Sam is furious that she put herself at risk and the heated conversation soon turns into a full-blown argument. Eventually, Lydia learns why Sam is being so firm on his stance, but will it be a good enough reason for him to convince her that he is right?

Aaron and Cain

emmerdale cain Aaron lockdown

Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) are trapped in lockdown together and if there is one thing Cain is certain of, it is that he won’t be opening up about anything to his nephew. Cain also decides that Aaron should not have to deal with hearing from the imprisoned Robert and hides a letter that comes from the cells. Over a few beers, Cain reveals that it turned up and Aaron is furious that he decided to keep it a secret - dropping a few hard truths about Cain’s failed marriage to Moira in the process after the letter goes missing. Cain knows he has messed up and tries to apologise, but will a heart-to-heart between the two boys finally see him open up, and how will Aaron cope if he finds the letter?

The four remaining episodes will see the following take centre stage:

  • Chas and Paddy (Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt)
  • Marlon, Al and Ellis (Mark Charnock, Michael Wildman, Aaron Anthony)
  • Mandy and Vinny (Lisa Riley and Bradley Johnson)
  • Jimmy and Nicola (Nick Miles and Nicola Wheeler)

The show will pick up on stories currently paused due to the outbreak when new episodes resume.


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