Liv Dingle (Isobel Steele) could be heading for danger after ignoring a chilling warning from mum Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) in tonight's Emmerdale (30th September).


Sandra has finally been exposed as a callous con-woman after spending the past few months trying to get hold of Liv's wealth. While Sandra was convinced she had fooled Liv, the latter outsmarted her by faking a relapse with alcohol in order to catch her out.

Sandra failed to talk her way out of trouble and was ultimately arrested for her crime, and Liv was reunited with husband Vinny (Bradley Johnson) in the aftermath of an altercation in the village which saw Vinny's mum Mandy (Lisa Riley) make a citizen's arrest on Sandra ahead of police intervention.

As Emmerdale continued tonight, PC Swirling (Andy Moore) updated Liv, Vinny and Mandy on the situation. Sandra, of course, hadn't confessed to anything - but the police were confident that there was enough evidence to charge her, as she hadn't been as careful as she hoped. The officer added that Sandra could end up serving up to 10 years in jail.

Liv and Sandra sat on the sofa.
Sandra failed in her scheme against her daughter. ITV

Mandy offered her support to Liv and Vinny as they recovered from recent events, but she was still furious at Sandra's nerve. Meanwhile, Vinny was quick to reassure Liv that despite her mother's actions, Liv had so many people who loved her.

At the police station, Sandra was still being questioned. She refused to respond to the allegations, while the detective pointed out that she was unlikely to get away with her scam. However, later, at Mill Cottage, Liv was confronted by her mother while she was alone.

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Liv demanded answers from Sandra as she told her that she wouldn't target even her very worst enemy in the way that her mum had targeted her. Sandra claimed she didn't have a choice and was only trying to protect Liv from her dodgy accomplice Terry.

As Vinny arrived and tried to throw Sandra out of the house, Sandra pleaded with her daughter to listen as she warned her that she was in danger. She said that Terry had made some menacing threats on her life.

The catch was that Sandra asked Liv to retract her statement to the police - adding that this was the only way to stop Terry in his tracks.

Liv dismissed this, and mused that all the happy memories she thought she had with her mum were actually all about Sandra herself, so she wanted her out of her life for good. As Sandra left, a heartbroken Liv began to sob as Vinny held her in his arms.

Talking to Mandy and Vinny, Liv confirmed that she didn't plan to waste any more of her life on Sandra. Vinny worried that the threats from Terry might be real, but Liv didn't believe in them as she pledged not to live in fear.

But away from the village, Sandra met Terry in his car. She appeared shaken as she informed him that Liv thought she was bluffing. Terry declared that he never made empty threats, and that Liv should watch her back.

As an oblivious Liv committed to cutting her mum out of her life, it looks like she could end up in a perilous situation. Will she come out of it unscathed?

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