Emmerdale’s Liam Fox says Dan’s injuries are “long-term and life-changing”

The mechanic may never walk again after allergy reaction drama

emmerdale dan spencer

Emmerdale star Liam Fox has revealed his alter ego Dan Spencer has a long road ahead, following an extreme allergic reaction causing a serious spinal injury that could mean he may never walk again.


The mechanic, who has a nut allergy, suffered an anaphylactic shock after eating a wrap that unknowingly contained almond milk. In the throes of his reaction he fell onto a piece of equipment in the garage and has lost feeling in his legs.

On Friday 27th March he was recovering from emergency surgery to insert a metal plate in his back, and now faces an uncertain future as to the permanent impact on his mobility. “The effect this has on Dan is life-changing for a bit,” Fox told RadioTimes.com. “It is going to be very challenging and is a fairly long-term thing.

“Although they’re not together, Kerry will be a support for him. And his daughter Amelia, of course, and Bob will help him out as things move forward.”

The incident is all down to Brenda Hope (Lesley Dunlop), who crucially failed to flag ingredients in food prepared for her cafe. Mortified at her mistake, she visited Dan in hospital and admitted everything – but he lashed out at her lackadaisical lapse and spat that she had ruined his life.

Emmerdale Dan allergy

As well as Dan’s health, the consequences will no doubt be big for Brenda’s livelihood. Fox is pleased to be at the heart of a dramatic storyline that divides the community, as Dan can usually be relied upon for light relief.

“I was buzzing when I got told about the story,” he enthuses. “It’s nice to play the comedy character but every now and again, you want something you can get your teeth into a bit. With a soap, you’re not necessarily just the comedy guy, you can then have drama for a bit as everyone is three-dimensional.”

The plot thickens next week when Brenda tries to cover her tracks by getting rid of any evidence that could incriminate her. Mandy Dingle lays into her for what she’s done to her mate, and soon learns she’s been trying to avoid any comeback. Could Brenda end up in serious trouble?


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