Kim Tate secretly sets up Andrea in surprise Emmerdale twist

We knew the mysterious Nick was too good to be true

emerdale andrea tate kim tate

We all know the golden rule of Emmerdale – never underestimate Kim Tate (Claire King), and do not try and get the better of her. Unfortunately, it turns out not everyone is aware of the edict, which is bad news for Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) who is about to learn her attempt at taking down her mother-in-law is set to blow up in her face.


Monday 16th March’s episode saw Andrea team up with charming Take A Vow client Nick, a handsome lawyer who struck up a suspiciously close bond with the wedding planner, to secretly film her monstrous mother-in-law admit to planning late husband Graham Foster’s murder.

Assured by Nick this would be enough to thwart Kim’s case to win custody of Andrea’s little girl Millie, the recording went ahead seemingly as planned. The frisson of excitement even pushed Andrea and Nick into a steamy kiss, but it was all an act as the handsome lawyer later dropped by Home Farm to collect his cash from Kim, who it turned out has been pulling his strings all along.

Kim talons twirled her imaginary moustache as she gleefully planned how she’d inform Andrea she had been stitched up before destroying her life, starting with her and son Jamie taking Millie.

emmerdale andrea tate

However, all is not lost for defeated Andrea as later in the week, she confesses all to Jamie about what Kim has been up to, and the vexed vet decides to disown his deceitful mother for her murderous intentions.

Moving out of Home Farm, Jamie orders his miffed mum to stay away from him and her precious granddaughter – so does this mean Andrea has won the grudge match after all?

Don’t bet on it – calculating Kim will no doubt be plotting her next move, and it’s bound to involve all sorts of skulduggery. What did we tell you about that golden rule…?


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