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Jamie and Belle's affair heats up in Emmerdale but will Andrea find out?

Mr Tate is having his cake and eating it. For now…

emmerdale jamie tate belle dingle
Published: Wednesday, 25th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

Naughty Jamie Tate is having a busy time of it in Emmerdale after bedding both bit on the side Belle Dingle and wife Andrea Tate within a matter of hours, but how long can the cheating vet keep his fling a secret from the spouse he's only just got back with?


Wednesday 25th March saw Belle go ballistic at her on/off lover for moving back in with estranged wife Andrea and committing to saving their marriage, wanting to know where that left her.

On a callout job tension between the prickly pair was palpable as Belle lashed out. Then player Jamie admitted he regretted trying again with Andrea and it was still Belle he really wanted, before a kiss between the twosome quickly escalated and they got it on in the car!

Meanwhile, Mrs Tate had slipped into something more comfortable and was waiting for her hubby to come home so they could have some 'alone time'.

After his hot hatchback hook-up on the roadside, Jamie was mortified to see several missed calls from his other half and awkwardly tried to banish Belle so he could get back.

Getting the hint they just got carried away and this was all big mistake, deflated Belle left and when Jamie returned to his missus he lied he'd been on a job with Paddy and apologised for not answering his phone.

emmerdale jamie tate Andrea tate

Eager Andrea then put the moves on and seduced Jamie, who looked wracked with guilt - and quite rightly too. Despite his protests to Belle he doesn't want to be with his wife any more, he couldn't resist her and they fell into a steamy embrace

Tomorrow's episode sees Jamie deal with the consequences of his infidelity, while Belle continues to be on eggshells with boyfriend Ellis Chapman who has no idea she's locked in a love triangle with her colleague.

What will happen when (not if) the affair is revealed? What if jealous Belle teams up with Jamie's menacing mum Kim Tate to put Andrea out of the picture - permanently?

There's no love lost between Kim and her daughter-in-law, who she recently blackmailed to get her out of Jamie's life only for it to backfire and push them back together. Or will Jamie do the decent thing, let Andrea go and be with Belle properly? That may be what the audience wants, but no doubt Emmerdale has something more explosive planned…


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