Emmerdale: Holly’s death aftermath – next week’s plot secrets revealed!

Find out what happens in the wake of Holly's tragic demise


Emmerdale has revealed brand-new details of what fans can expect to see in the wake of Holly Barton’s shock demise in last night’s emotional double bill.


With the village still reeling from the tragic turn of events, Adam will be seen growing increasingly determined to find out who Holly’s boyfriend was, convinced that she must have got the drugs from him.

Moira insists that they leave things to the police, but Adam is left unimpressed to learn that the authorities haven’t arrested drug dealer Simon. Scenes to be shown on Monday 3 October will see Adam chase Simon and shove him up against the wall. And while Simon swears that he didn’t give Holly drugs, will Adam believe him?

Meanwhile, the police arrive at the factory to question Jai about Holly and Priya is surprised when he pretends that they were just meeting for business. Could the pressure be too much for Jai? Elsewhere, Pete and Leyla find photos of Jai and Holly together on Holly’s camera…

Charity will be seen offering Moira flowers and promising her that she’ll keep Cain away, but an outraged Victoria ends up fighting with her. In the end, Charity is left feeling that she can do nothing right, while Zak suggests that she and Cain get away for a while.

Later in the week, Jai will face increased pressure to tell the truth about his involvement with Holly after Leyla asks whether he had anything to do with the overdose. Will Jai come clean after Leyla warns him to tell Moira before Pete does?

Wednesday’s episode finds a confused Moira wanting to know why Holly took drugs again and visiting Jai in order to get to the truth. But will she come away with the answers she needs?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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