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Harriet threatens to grass up DI Malone as Emmerdale confirms there's more to their relationship

"The stakes are high and it's not over yet," teases Katherine Dow Blyton

emmerdale harriet finch DI malone
Published: Wednesday, 6th May 2020 at 6:34 pm

Corrupt cop DI Malone (Mark Womack) showed Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) who's boss by getting him beaten up by his heavies, but Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) has had enough and decides to expose her former colleague's nefarious network.


This is not without it's risks, but the undercover-officer-turned-village-vicar is a woman on a mission, reckons Emmerdale's Blyton.

"Harriet is furious when she learns the truth about Malone's operation and the danger he has put her family in. She decides she can't trust her partner, Will, or Cain Dingle (who is also involved) to stop Malone so she arranges to meet up with him herself.

"Meeting him alone might not be such a good idea as Malone is potentially dangerous, so Harriet has to brave it out."

The plucky head of the parish confronts the detective inspector over him using Will as a drugs delivery boy, and prepares to call her old pals at the police station to dob in Mr Malone.

Nervous at being grassed up and his underhand activities being revealed, Malone promises Harriet he will stay away from Will and not put him, Dawn and little Lucas in the path of any more danger.

"She plays a dangerous game and calls the police hoping Malone will back off," continues Blyton. "Threatening to grass him up is the only way she thinks he will back off. Malone is involved with a very shady gang and exposure would be risky for him.

emmerdale harriet DI malone

"Harriet hopes after their encounter that he has gone for good, so the repercussions after this are the impact it has on her relationship with Will. She is angry and upset he has lied to her, he has had so many chances."

The unlikely couple first got together while Ms Finch was working undercover within Will's own gangster network many years ago. She posed as his girlfriend to infiltrate the operation only to fall for him for real before he was jailed as a result of the sting. Since his release, the pair have rekindled their romance.

"I'm not sure Harriet and Will can paper over the cracks this time," sighs Blyton. "There is a lot of hurt and mistrust which are not solid foundations for a relationship that had such a dodgy start. It's difficult to say if they have a future now."

Her future may be uncertain, but the past still has some secrets to unlock, namely the true nature of Harriet's previous dealings with Malone. Any time the pair share a screen the chemistry crackles, and Emmerdale confirms that as a result of next week's close encounters we will learn there is more to their relationship than we first thought… Is an old spark about to be reignited?


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