Emmerdale hints at romantic past for Harriet and DI Malone

Were they lovers during the vicar's undercover cop days?

emmerdale harriet malone

We all know vicar Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is something of a dark horse – before she donned the dog collar she was an undercover cop who fell for the gangster she was meant to be bringing to justice, plus she’s had a fling with bad boy Cain Dingle.


Now Emmerdale is hinting at another possible notch on the clergywoman’s pre-Bible bedpost following a loaded exchange with dodgy detective Mark Malone (Mark Womack). Were the pair more than just colleagues?

Wednesday 29th April’s episode saw Harriet meet Malone in secret to discuss the gun her lover Will Taylor was hiding, hoping to negate any negative fallout that would jeopardise custody of his grandson Lucas.

While viewers are aware the twosome moved in the same circles during Harriet’s former career on the force, their clandestine meeting crackled with chemistry and the suggestion of unfinished business.

When called out on shacking up with her former target Mr Taylor, Harriet replied to Malone: “You can’t help who you fall in love with,” with the corrupt cop countering: “We both know that. The past doesn’t always stayed buried…”

Emmerdale DI Malone

Womack told RadioTimes.com when he joined the cast in March 2020 there was another secret reason Malone had come to the village, beyond wanting to expand his nefarious network to include Will and Cain, but refused to divulge any details.

He also addressed the possibility of a connection with the local holy lady from their shared career path, so could those two tantalising teasers be connected? Did Malone and Finch have a passionate fling that ended badly and he’s tracked her down to win her back – or tempt her to join his evil empire?

Next week, Will’s involvement with the dastardly DI takes a dangerous turn when he’s beaten up while on his biggest job yet. Is Malone actually using Will to get to Harriet? Considering her colourful past, anything is possible when it comes to the plucky head of the parish…


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