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Harriet hides Malone after he survives attack in Emmerdale - will they run off together?

The corrupt cop is harboured in the church.

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Published: Monday, 27th July 2020 at 7:25 pm

Dodgy DI Malone (Mark Womack) turned to his old flame Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) after a showdown with love rival Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) almost killed him, and is now being secretly harboured in the church.


Emmerdale fans were stunned on Monday 27th July as it was confirmed the corrupt cop miraculously survived being knocked out cold with a spanner by wild Will after the fellas' epic confrontation in Friday's big cliffhanger at the garage.

Will called colleague Billy Fletcher for help, but as the pair panicked and tried to work out what to do with a potential corpse, Malone sloped off leaving the lads even more agitated.

Fearing reprisals from the bent cop, who also runs a huge drugs syndicate they had both been forced to work for, Will and Bill frantically searched the village as fans saw a battered and bruised Malone take refuge in the summer house where he texted old flame Harriet, begging for help.

Meeting her ex in the church, the vexed vicar was horrified at the state of the bad boy and initially refused to help him. Malone refused to involve the authorities or divulge precisely what had gone on, and who had inflicted the wounds, but oblivious Harriet eventually agreed to hide menacing Mark overnight - insisting he leave the next day.

Considering the cursed couple's complicated history it's unlikely this is the end of the story, but with Emmerdale staying tight-lipped about what happens next - viewers were led to believe Malone had been killed off just a few days ago - it's advised to expect the unexpected as the plot plays out this week.

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In her undercover cop days, Harriet had passionate affairs with both Will, when he was head of a local organised crime outfit, and police officer Malone, despite his double life as a drug-pushing baddie.

Since the men came back into her life, Ms Finch has been torn between the two. Seemingly committing to fiancé Will, the holy woman has been tempted by the forbidden fruit of Mr Malone who has made it clear he'd stop at nothing until Harriet was his, even suggesting they run away together.

Does Harriet's choice to help Malone mean she's finally chosen him over Will? How will she react if she knew the man she was about to marry tried to kill him? Has Will unwittingly driven his other half into the arms of her ex?

Keep your eyes on clever Malone, as he will no doubt turn this situation to his advantage. Will may have stitched himself up with his moment of anger that could land him back in prison, turning Harriet against him and leaving her single and ready to mingle with Malone… The story continues on Wednesday 29th July.


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