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Emmerdale reveals Malone is still alive after Will’s attack

The corrupt cop survives garage scrap, but what next?

emmerdale malone week 30 attack
Published: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 11:48 am

Following the violent cliffhanger that saw corrupt cop DI Malone (Mark Womack) laying lifeless on the ground after being bashed over the head with a spanner by Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), Emmerdale has revealed a shock twist that appears to confirm the bad boy is still alive.


The next episode of the soap, airing on Monday 27th July, picks up directly where we left off, and begins with a panicked Will frozen to the spot as he stares at Malone’s body.

The boys had brawled over the dodgy detective planting drugs on the reformed gangster, after he tried to quit the trafficking ring he’s been forced to work for. Unbeknown to Will, his fiancée Harriet Finch is having a secret affair with Malone which has fuelled the poisonous police officer’s hatred of his rival.

Malone threatening Will’s daughter Dawn and grandson Lucas was the final straw, and he saw red then reached for the tool…

Calling pal Billy Fletcher to the scene, the stunned pair try to form a plan as to how to dispose of the body. Billy is reluctant to help at first, having been dragged into Malone’s nefarious network already, but pleading Will insists he owes him.

emmerdale murder week 30

As the fellas discuss their next steps, neither of them are paying attention to the figure on the floor to notice that Malone starts to move… Does this mean he has survived Will’s assault? Beyond that, you’ll have to tune in as that’s the only bit of extra information Emmerdale are giving out until the episode airs, but it looks likely.

Friday’s showdown was touted as soap’s first socially-distanced murder, teased since Emmerdale resumed filming after the lockdown within new guidelines that have brought several challenges to the production team. If Malone isn’t actually dead, does that mean this was a red herring and another murder is being planned that ends up in a confirmed death?

Whatever happens next, the repercussions are bound to be huge. How will Harriet react if she learns her fiancée almost killed her secret lover? Whose side would she take if she was forced, once and for all, to choose between Malone and Will?

Cain Dingle still believes Malone is responsible for the hit and run that nearly killed his wife Moira Dingle – could he end up involved, perhaps to finish the job that Will couldn’t quite manage?

Or could Malone jolt back into life and kill both Will and Billy, then run off with Harriet? The possibilities are endless…


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