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Has Harriet killed Malone in Emmerdale murder twist?

The vicar saved Dawn in the nick of time.

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Published: Monday, 17th August 2020 at 7:25 pm

The fate of bent copper DI Mark Malone (Mark Womack) in Emmerdale looks to be sealed after getting whacked over the head by Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton). Has the vivacious vicar committed the ultimate sin and taken her ex-lover's life?


Fans feared for desperate Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) on Monday 17th August as a gun-toting Malone tried to force her into a drugs overdose as revenge for her reporting his corruption to the force, only for Harriet to swoop in and save the day by knocking the nasty fella out cold with a kettle.

Malone survived an attack at the hands of arch-enemy, love rival for Harriet and father of Dawn, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) last month, but surely there's no coming back from this second bludgeoning? Although the dodgy detective may well have more lives left as he's already proved a hard man to get rid of.

Holy Harriet's racy backstory tells us she was an undercover cop before becoming a vicar, and had forbidden flings with both Will, in his gangster days, and Malone. She and Will reunited when he was released from prison in 2019, but Malone also came back into her life earlier this year and their secret passion reignited.

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Malone pressured Will, and fellow locals Cain Dingle and Billy Fletcher, into being part of his nefarious drug dealing network, leading Dawn to dob him in an attempt to rid her family from his controlling grip.

This backfired when menacing Malone confronted the recovering addict and threatened her young son Lucas, before things got nasty and Harriet intervened.

Conflicted Harriet has been torn between the bad boys for months and protected Malone after the fight with Will, hiding him at the church and allowing him to escape. Dawn was disgusted to discover her step-mum's lusty liaisons with the village villain and Harriet was on the verge of confessing to fiancé Will, but bottled it once again.

Now the clergy woman has potentially become a killer - what would that mean for her future as leader of the parish? If Malone is dead will Dawn help cover it up? Or will the calculating cop live to fight another day and hold this moment of violence over his ex for his own ends?

The sensational storyline continues on Wednesday 19th August.


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