Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor turns on family after social services demand answers

She'll do anything to keep her son

Emmerdale Dawn Taylor

Emmerdale‘s Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) has been working hard to give her son, Lucas, the best life.


But her efforts may have come to naught as this week on the Dales see her come face-to-face with social services.

It’s all because of her dad, Will (Dean Andrews), who has been meddling in his grandson’s life.

Tonight (27th April), Dawn finds out that her dad did the unthinkable and warned Lucas’s old foster parents to stay away.

But her worst fears come true when she finds out that Ted and Carol are back in Emmerdale – and they’ve brought a social worker too.

They reported Will for his threatening behaviour and considering the family’s dodgy standing anyway, social services demand an answer.

Poor Dawn is at the end of her tether and insists she is happy to have Ted and Carol involved in Lucas’ life, even if they did upset her last week.

emmerdale dawn

But Will makes things a whole lot worse and insists the pair are trying to get Lucas back.

As social services seem to be concerned by Will’s behaviour, Dawn is positively livid.

However, her problems go from bad to worse when she confronts her dad about his actions and Billy confesses Lucas got hold of Will’s gun earlier in the year.

Dawn clearly can’t trust her dad to be around Lucas, at least not while social services are around, but is this the end of their father-daughter relationship for good?

And as Will spirals due to Malone’s reappearance, is this the least of his worries?

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