Emmerdale: Chas slaps Robert and Rebecca – but will she reveal the truth to Aaron?

Chas lashed out in dramatic style during tonight's episode


Chas Dingle has been on the warpath in tonight’s Emmerdale, attacking both Robert and Rebecca after the pair had a one-night stand.


Scenes just broadcast on ITV saw Robert confess to having slept with Rebecca, only to get a slap across the face from Chas, who branded him a “pathetic, twisted little boy”.

Rebecca then received similar treatment when she too was attacked after being called “a sad, desperate little slapper”. You tell them, Chas!

Robert’s infidelity so early on in his marriage to Aaron had already resulted in the anger of fans, with Twitter uses offering up such comments as “I feel sick, I’m gonna vom, goodbye #Robron” and “I’m done with Emmerdale”.

Those same fans will now have to wait until Monday to see whether Chas goes through with her threat to tell son Aaron about what’s been going on.

Is #Robron really over? Will Aaron sink further into a drugs haze as a result? And will Chas actually end up killing Robert!? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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