Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) told secret lover Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) she loves him in tonight's Emmerdale (10th October).


The pair have been having an affair for months now, only for Chas's son Aaron (Danny Miller) to catch them in a passionate clinch. And as the week began, Chas was shocked to see the state of Al's face after he was punched by Aaron and threatened to stay away.

Al suggested to Chas that this seemed like a message from her as well, but before she could protest properly, his unsuspecting partner Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) arrived and repeated the false story Al had relayed to her about how he got his black eye.

Later, Aaron arrived at the Woolpack and Chas took him away from the family for a private word. Chas told Aaron she wasn't happy that he could have got himself arrested for assault - again. But Aaron wasn't worried as he replied that Al wouldn't dare to report him.

As Aaron asked Chas whether she wanted him to follow through with his threats to leave, Chas was interrupted by a work-related matter and insisted this wasn't over.

While Aaron had another heart-to-heart with unwell grandmother Faith (Sally Dexter), Chas was behind the bar as Al and Kerry arrived for lunch. She painted on a smile as she quietly confronted Al over choosing to 'flaunt' his new fiancée in front of her.

Kerry continued to make wedding plans, while Chas's husband Paddy (Dominic Brunt) offered to help Chas with the pub so she could look after Faith. Chas was distracted but grateful, before being surprised as her mother suggested planning a special seaside trip for the Dingles.

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All the while, Al watched on as Chas chatted to her loved ones. He was now convinced that Chas would not be choosing him in the long run, but as they met in his car near the woods, Chas surprised Al by saying "I think I love you".

Al was overwhelmed, replying that he thought she was about to end things. Chas pointed out that this would be the more sensible option and that for now, she couldn't go anywhere while her mum was so poorly. But as they kissed, they looked ahead to spending the rest of their lives together.

Will Chas go through with leaving Paddy when it comes to it, though?

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